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‘Reliability’ Still Issue For Public Cloud Customers

A special poll of corporate users of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud solution has revealed some intriguing results.

For example, performance comes up as a very high AWS concern – at 88 per cent. Meanwhile, security, often seen as the big one when it comes to public cloud headaches, is lower down the list, at only 86 per cent – with cost, though still high, beneath it, on 84 per cent.

Reliability is the number one problem identified by 120-plus customers at the search giant’s recent re:Invent partner conference spoken to by technology firm Riverbed Technology, which has just published the numbers.

Other things it uncovered: 53 per cent of the sample have deployed at least one application to public cloud, with 83 per cent of the laggards saying they will have followed suit within the next six months. Also, perhaps surprisingly, most say cloud is where they are doing testing and development – at 85 per cent. Public facing websites and back up archiving came next with 84 per cent and 70 per cent respectively.

Only 69 per cent are putting mission-critical apps up there, Riverbed found.

Riverbed technology, a WAN optimisation specialist and leader in the field of application performance infrastructure, supplies solutions to over 23,000 global organisations.

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