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Ricoh Chooses Riverbed For Faster And Cheaper Data Backup

Ricoh Company has announced that it has deployed Riverbed SteelStore to backup its mission critical systems.

The Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company chose Riverbed Technology, a leader in application performance infrastructure , to help tackle a number of data storage challenges. The firm had found that it needed to store far larger data sets, which meant the time and cost involved with storing, backing up and recovering the data had begun to spiral upwards.

Ricoh opted for the SteelStore to use the cloud as a cost-effective storage tier. SteelStore also improved data backup and recovery performance, and its data de-duplication, compression and encryption features reduce storage costs while maintaining data security in the cloud.

The benefits of the deployment are already being seen; through de-duplication, SteelStore has reduced the volume of data needing to be backed up by 90 per cent. This has meant that backup time was greatly reduced while the virtual capabilities of SteelStore also reduced total backup costs by letting Ricoh start small to minimise deployment costs.

There were also notable security benefits of the move, such as data encryption using AES 256-bit and de-duplication to stop third parties reproducing the original data.

Toshiyuki Miyakoshi, senior specialist at the Information Infrastructure Control Department of Ricoh’s Management Transformation Division, said: “Moving to cloud storage for data backup and recovery has dramatically reduced costs associated with protecting critical data.

“Riverbed SteelStore allows us to leverage the benefits of cloud backup and provides reassurance that data is both backed up and easily accessible.”

For more information about Riverbed, please click here.

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