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Riverbed Finds Data Centre Change is Accelerating

The pace of change within the modern data centre is increasing all the time, Riverbed Technologies has said.

In a blog post the company stressed that data centres have changed “markedly” over the past 20 years. What’s more, the pace of change is accelerating and as such the end user needs to remain aware of the evolution taking place.

Riverbed, a leader in application performance infrastructure , states that today everything runs in hyper-connected, virtualised environments, all spurred on by the relentless growth of cloud computing.

Research by IDG Connect with Riverbed found people are responding to the changes in data centres by re-evaluating their solutions. Indeed, 93 per cent of respondents said they have recently changed or are about to change data centre operations.

The company says that the increasing value of data assets is driving change in this space, with many organisations now looking to store and analyse far larger data sets. Unsurprisingly therefore, the research showed that the number one priority of those surveyed was to add more compute capacity (selected by 63 per cent).

The next most pressing concern was to improve the performance of applications (59 per cent); this illustrates a growing desire to get quicker answers to important questions. Security and business continuity were also both highlighted as key deciding factors (both 57 per cent).

The blog concludes: “This is where we are with IT today: a tight dependency between the business and the IT that underpins it and can make it optimal… That’s why for, the foreseeable future at least, the data centre is going to remain in flux.”

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