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Riverbed Granite Aids US Energy Firm With Recovery

US oil and natural gas exploration specialist Bill Barrett Corporation says it has “significantly” lowered the TCO (total cost of ownership) of IT via Riverbed.

Specifically, the company attributes its current central protection and data security, as well as reduced tech overhead costs, to its decision to bring in the vendor’s Riverbed Granite branch converged infrastructure solution.

Granite has been key, confirms the American company’s internal IT team, in speeding remote site disaster recovery as well as bringing down restore time to literally minutes.

These features of its new IT set-up are in stark contrast to its previous situation, where ageing systems were becoming not just difficult to support, but protection of data was less robust than it wanted.

“With Riverbed Granite, though", says its director of IT operations, Jerry Vigil, “we have simplified and centralised the management of back ups to the data centre” – a process that means he and his team have been able to cut recovery time dramatically.

Vigil also reports that Granite is responsible for a 67 per cent cut in the bill for server and storage replacement.

WAN optimisation specialists Riverbed Technology lead the market in the provision of application performance infrastructure.

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