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Riverbed Launches Third Iteration of Leading Infrastructure Solution

Riverbed Technology has launched a new branch converged infrastructure to enable centralised data storage, local performance and nearly instant data recovery.

The Riverbed SteelFusion 3.0 solution, formerly known as Riverbed Granite, combines branch servers, storage, networking and visualisation infrastructure. This latest product from Riverbed, a leader in application performance infrastructure, promises to reduce the average time it takes customers to provision branch services from five hours down to 10 minutes.

A typical datacentre will serve 55 different branches, with only eight per cent of these having a fully consolidated IT infrastructure. Because of this, more than $4 billion (£2.4 billion) is spent on remote infrastructure and maintenance every year, according to IDC.

To address this problem, SteelFusion 3.0 provides a unified solution to save cost and time. As well as reducing the time it takes to provision branch services, research by Taneja Group has shown that SteelFusion 3.0 will speed up data recovery from branch outages by 96 times.

The solution currently deals with 47 petabytes of customers’ branch data and has been named InfoWorld Technology of the Year for two years running.

John Martin, senior VP and General Manager of Storage Delivery at Riverbed, said: “With more and more branches and data, organisations are struggling with the cost and inefficiency of managing islands of infrastructure – servers, apps and storage – outside the datacentre.

“With SteelFusion, Riverbed has completely changed the game with branch IT infrastructure. Businesses get the best of both worlds: centralising data to eliminate branch downtime, improve data security, and lower TCO while still delivering local access to apps and data for branch workers.”

Riverbed is the leader in application performance infrastructure . If you would like to find out more about Riverbed, please click here .

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