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Riverbed ’leader’ in WAN Optimisation by Gartner for the seventh year

Riverbed Technology has been named by Gartner as a “leader” in WAN Optimisation (WO) for the seventh year in a row, as well as receiving other accolades.

The world-renowned analyst firm stated that Riverbed is a leader in three of its ‘Magic Quadrants’ – WO, Application Performance Monitoring, and Networking Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics – as well as being a visionary in another; Application Delivery Controllers.

Riverbed, a provider of application performance infrastructure, has won its leader status in multiple fields because it “has set the standard for industry continuously for a decade”, according to Paul O’Farrell, senior VP and general manager of the Steelhead Business Unit – the part of Riverbed that focuses on WO.

Mr O’Farrell added that in this space, the California-headquartered company currently has a “50 per cent market share, unmatched performance and true ease-of-use”.

The fact that this was the seventh consecutive year that Riverbed was named a leader in WO shows how well established the firm is in this space. That it also has leader status in two other fields and is regarded as a visionary in a fourth indicates the company is offering a comprehensive suite of strategic technology solutions as well.

Riverbed’s solutions aim to tackle the problems faced in globally networked IT, namely the pervasive challenges of latency, bandwidth and visibility. The company’s Application Performance Platform gives companies the flexibility to host applications and data in locations that best serve the business while ensuring the flawless delivery of those apps to leverage global resources, reduce running costs and maximise customer satisfaction.

Riverbed is the leader in application performance infrastructure . If you would like to find out more about Riverbed, please click here .

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