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Riverbed Names Schneider Electric Architect As Award Winner

Riverbed Technology has announced the winner of its 2014 Riverbed SteelScript Ideas Contest as Lionel Marie, the network architect at Schneider Electric.

Riverbed’s award has been created to recognise customers’ creative use of SteelScript, a set of open APIs and developer tools that enable customers and partners to customise and automate Riverbed solutions.

The most recent winner comes from Schneider Electric. The 176-year-old French company specialises in energy management and by using SteelScript, Mr Marie has managed to create specific views and reports to give him greater visibility into traffic movement across his hybrid enterprise.

To achieve this the network architect used SteelScript to leverage information collected from SteelCentral NetProfiler to create Internet traffic reports. This in turn made capacity planning far easier while also making controlling costs associated with SaaS and cloud services providers much simpler.

With more than 150,000 employees in over 130 countries, the company needed to see where its data was going within its vast IT environment – Mr Marie’s innovative use of Riverbed’s solutions has enabled this.

He commented: “Innovations like cloud computing, SaaS, and IaaS are continually increasing the complexity of today’s IT environment. Companies that can control and manage this complexity will be able to use IT as a competitive business advantage instead of constantly scrambling to solve performance problems of business-critical applications.

“The views I created using Riverbed open APIs ease capacity planning of internet bandwidth/internet peering, help negotiate costs with upstream transit providers by easily qualifying the most important destinations, and elaborate a peering (public/private) policy to collect the traffic from internet exchange points.”

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