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Riverbed Outlines Mobile APM Best Practice

MMA (Massive mobile access) is not a phrase you might have heard, but it is an apt way of describing the pressure many corporate networks find themselves under.

For example, analysts recently predicted that a third of all online sales, or just over $700BN, will be completed on mobile devices by 2018. (That same research says, incidentally, that 15 per cent of all ‘e-tail’ is already performed on this platform.)

Given the rise in smartphones, BYOD, tablets, wearable computers like Google Glass and fitness wristbands, it could well be the time to look to fresh thinking by network managers to help cope with ‘MMA’.

Experts at Riverbed, which specialises in helping organisations deal with performance in both the network and at the applications layer, recently blogged with some useful MMA advice. For example, tracking every mobile transaction, suggests the team there, can be a great way to capture the ‘long tail’ aspect of application performance fall-off.

The blog also suggests that ultimately, a move to Big Data Application Performance Management (APM) may be the only real answer to MMA’s challenge.

WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed Technology leads the market in the supply of application performance management solutions.

For more  information about Riverbed, please click here and to view the blog in full, please click here.


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