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Riverbed Performance Management Eradicates The Blame Game

There is an important distinction to be made between network performance and application performance, industry experts have said.

Writing in a blog for Riverbed Technology, a leader in application performance infrastructure, Patrick Campbell explains that in both the consumer and professional worlds, slow running apps will cost a business. Essentially, he states that if an app is taking too long to load or continuously crashes, the user will delete it and switch to a competitor.

Often this can lead to the finger of blame being pointed at different teams within the company providing the app. While the network team might theorise that the blame lies with the apps team, the apps team might have data to suggest that the problem is in fact with the network.

To resolve the problem and to stop disputes, Campbell stresses that sharing data is key. If an entire company can clearly see the same data sets which illustrate exactly what the problem is and where it stems from then the blame game can be avoided and employees can focus on addressing the issue. Enter Riverbed.

Using tools such as Riverbed SteelCentral or AppResponse, customers can gain visibility over their network and application performance, which can help identify at what layer the problem occurs. For example, if all other pages are loading quickly (at under two seconds) but the app is taking 27 seconds to come to life then the problem clearly lies in the application. Blame, theory and opinion then become fact, thereby offering a “complete end-to-end view that will definitely help and without heartaches”.

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