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Riverbed Powers Major US Web Business Vivastreet

WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed says use of its application delivery controller (ADC) technology has helped a US web firm meet customer expectations and demand.

The business in question, W3, offers classified ad services to consumers via its range of international brands like Vivastreet and Easy Roommate. W3 confirms that Riverbed’s Stingray ADC appliance has been vital in ensuring optimal site performance and reliability. That’s good news for both the company and also the three million people who look at W3’s ads on a daily basis (and who generate the roughly 20 million page views W3 needs to support, too).

“Stingray is easy to configure, easy to set up and easy to script,” comments Ben Block, the CTO of the IT firm that’s been helping W3’s Vivastreet unit in New York with its network management.

“Stingray has given the administrators a really powerful tool,” he added, citing Stingray’s ability to load balance traffic requests as particularly useful to the team along with Riverbed’s commitment to the ‘DevOps’ form of IT, where software development and infrastructure groups are encouraged to collaborate.

Riverbed helps over 22,000 organisations around the world better understand, optimise and consolidate their IT infrastructure.

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