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Riverbed Predicts 2015 Top IT Trends

According to Brent Lees, senior product manager at Riverbed, more IT organisations will begin instrumenting network architectures with predictive analytics to create self-generating networks as we move into 2015.

Discussing the top five IT trends and predictions for 2015, Brent Lees has suggested that Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) will be a major player in the switch and route vendors market next year. Already widely deployed into service providers, Lee predicts that NFV will make its way into more "classical" enterprise networks without the need for software-defined networking (SDN) refresh.

Also set to become the norm within IT organisations are hybrid architectures, which will force organisations to work through related challenges with more sophisticated models and coding practices as they attempt to maintain cloud computing alongside traditional on-premises IT.

On the other end of the spectrum, the large data breaches that have become increasingly frequent throughout 2014 are expected to continue, with traditional security tactics having little effect on the growing threat. Lees suggests that large enterprises may shift their investments and spend more money on threat detection in order to prevent IT failures.

Actionable analytics are expected to play a larger part in decision making, according to Lees, who argues that an analytics-driven infrastructure is vital as organisations turn towards hybrid IT. This hybrid IT technology, however, will increasingly be perceived as a feature rather than a constraint, as new technologies create a form of infrastructure mobility that allows companies to optimise for the location of their data, applications and customers.

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