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Riverbed Provides Faster Software For IAT Group

Riverbed Technology, a leader in application performance infrastructure, has announced that IAT Group is utilising Riverbed SteelHead to enable its insurance agents and field investigators to work more efficiently with their insurance management system.

Increasing the speed of task completion, SteelHead allows agents to finish 90-minute-long tasks in 30 minutes or less thanks to faster access and delivery over the wider area network (WAN).

By improving productivity to such an extent, Riverbed's SteelHead has reduced overall costs for IAT Group, while also ensuring they see a return on investment (ROI) over 10 months.

Before deploying SteelHead, IAT Group researched WAN optimisation solutions and discovered that the Riverbed solution was vastly "ahead of its competitors", which prompted the organisation to purchase SteelHead appliances for its larger branch offices and data centres. Remote field officers also benefited from the SteelHead deployment thanks to the introduction of SteelHead Mobile.

According to Ryan Smith, a network engineer at IAT Group, the organisation previously accepted the slow WAN and as such the slow performance of applications was unavoidable. However, the deployment of Riverbed solutions has reportedly prompted a transformation in the work levels of employees.

"We’ve reaped the benefits for all the other WAN-enabled software and the investigators have seen a big difference," said Mr Smith. "Two years after the initial deployment, we are still amazed by what great products these are. The benefits are tremendous."

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