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Riverbed Releases Major Granite Upgrade

Riverbed has just delivered a set of major extensions to its award-winning Granite branch consolidation suite that seem set to win it many more clients.

The release, version 2.6 of the solution, comes complete with tools that make it much easier for organisations to better support and integrate their branch networks.

That’s pretty significant given that, according to the company’s research, an organisation typically has to support an average of 55 remote offices for every data centre.

“Organisations need better ways to protect data in remote places, faster ways to recover branches after disasters and lower cost ways to manage these critical operations,” according to senior vice president and general manager for storage delivery at the vendor, John Martin.

That’s why his team have laboured on adding all this new functionality to Granite’s core, he adds.

The other main additions to functionality in release 2.6 include enhanced snapshot support for enterprise-class storage solutions plus two new higher-capacity virtual Granite core models, the VGC-1500-L (which can support 30 branches/20 TB) and the VGC-1500-M (30 branches but up to 35TB of data).

WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed Technology is the leader in the provision of both application performance infrastructure and location-independent computing.

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