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Riverbed Renaming Highlights Product Integration

Riverbed Technology has taken a pragmatic approach to marketing its solutions by renaming products to more clearly describe what they do.

Riverbed, a leader in application performance infrastructure (API), announced yesterday that it was introducing the new names to better reflect how together they can deliver unique strategic value as part of an integrated solution. As a company that offers many products as part of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform, the move will simplify the positioning of each solution so its benefits become more obvious to clients.

The development is part of Riverbed’s wider growth strategy that the technology firm outlined in November 2013 to fuel the company’s growth in the API market.

Kate Hutchison, Riverbed’s chief marketing officer, explained the decision: “Riverbed launched our first product 10 years ago with our Steelhead WAN Optimisation solution, and over the last four years, we’ve made the journey from a single product company to something much bigger.

“Today, we offer the industry’s most complete application performance platform to allow customers to host applications and data in whatever location makes the most business sense, regardless of distance or location, while ensuring the flawless delivery of applications and data. We call this concept location-independent computing and it has been the idea behind the solutions we’ve brought to market for years.

“We’re now updating our product brand names to better communicate what our products do and reinforce how they are part of an integrated platform that ensures applications perform as expected and data is always available when needed.”

The technology sector is one that has always been criticised for capitalising on buzzwords or incoherent product names. Riverbed is distancing itself from any such lazy practices by re-branding its products so they are more closely aligned with their specific purpose.

The new names will fall under the branding of the company’s flagship product SteelHead with the other five products carrying the 'Steel' prefix, followed by a unique moniker to outline their use.

The Riverbed products now go by the following names: SteelFusion, formerly Granite, a branch converged infrastructure; SteelApp, formerly Stingray, a virtual application delivery controller; SteelStore, formerly Whitewater, a scalable cloud storage appliance; SteelCentral, formerly OPNET, Cascade and NEOP, a performance management suite; and SteelScript, formerly FlyScript, a set of open APIs and developer tools.

Riverbed’s move to address unclear product names has been praised in the industry; Rohit Mehra, VP of network infrastructure at IDC, commented: “Industry watchers and customers alike have recognised Riverbed as the leader in the WAN Optimisation space for many years now.

“As WAN networking technologies and related application performance and management domains have evolved, lines continue to blur across many of these application and performance optimisation solutions. Staying focused on providing end-to-end application performance, and as a key player in the network and application infrastructure eco-system, it is refreshing to see Riverbed introduce a newer, simplified positioning and naming for its portfolio that is now significantly broader than the WAN Optimisation Steelhead solutions it is most known for.”

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