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Riverbed Rolls Out SteelApp Firewall For Clouds

Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure, has launched a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of its Riverbed SteelApp Web App Firewall.

The firewall could previously only be added to the Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager. Now, however, SteelApp Web App Firewall can be deployed in a data centre, private or public cloud – like Amazon Web Services (AWS) – to protect any instance of an application either permanently or as part of a cloud-bursting project, the company said.

As more companies have cloud-based services as a critical part of their IT landscape, Riverbed has sought to cater its SteelApp application delivery controller (ADC) family to this development. Thanks to the company, enterprises can now deploy ADCs on an ‘as-a-service’ basis, meaning they can dynamically match that flexibility to protect business-critical applications and the associated data and user information.

The development will boost cloud security; Riverbed stated that the SteelApp Web App Firewall contains a comprehensive set of baseline signatures and identification tools to detect and block these exploratory requests out of the box.

Jeff Pancottine, senior vice president and general manager of Riverbed SteelApp, commented on the solution enhancement: “Traditional security architectures have not evolved to meet today’s complex IT environments, like a hybrid cloud environment.

“With the new AMI for SteelApp Web App Firewall announced today, Riverbed makes it easy for customers to enhance the security of web applications deployed in the AWS Cloud, without changing the underlying application delivery architecture.”

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