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Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager Expands Security

Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure, has announced the introduction of new features for the Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager, the number one application delivery controller.

Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager 9.7 addresses the challenges faced by companies as they evolve towards the hybrid enterprise model and boost the number of private assets on premises and public services in the cloud.

The software enables the hybrid enterprise to access and deliver applications quickly, securely and cost effectively through intelligent load balancing of app traffic across hybrid enterprises and accelerates applications in the cloud for web optimisation.

Commenting on the security benefits of the Riverbed SteelApp software, senior vice president and general manager of SteelApp at Riverbed, Jeff Pancottine, said: “Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager 9.7 now delivers greater protection against the latest app-level attacks and simpler manageability in the cloud.”

The new features include a standalone web app firewall, which enables users to integrate SteelApp without the need to change applications or upgrade their existing load balancers. Furthermore, the upgrade also features a progressive download option, so users can enjoy faster web page views using a new progressive image download capability in the SteelApp Web Accelerator.

Finally, users can also benefit from the extension of the reach of SteelApp Traffic Manager in the cloud with the support of Microsoft Azure VHD deployments, which enables customers to deploy Microsoft workloads in the optimal cloud platform for Windows workloads and any Microsoft Azure applications.

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