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Riverbed Study Reveals Lack Of API Resources For Federal Agencies

A new study by Riverbed Technology has found that there is a lack of resources for federal agencies addressing application performance issues.

The company, a leader in application performance infrastructure, commissioned Market Connections to interview federal IT decision-makers. It found that despite federal leaders indicating they suffered from insufficient network and application visibility, they do not have the resources to hand to address the problem.

Poor network and application visibility can lead to lost productivity and inefficiency at a time when the Federal Government relies on mission-critical applications more than ever. Research from IDC indicates that the average cost of a critical application failure for a large organisation ranges from $500,000 to $1 million every hour.

The research found that 51 per cent of federal IT decision makers said it takes a day or more to detect and fix application performance issues. Furthermore, only 30 per cent of respondents described their ability to monitor network performance as “excellent”, while a mere 17 per cent said they were able to address network outages within minutes.

Davis Johnson, vice president of public sector at Riverbed Technology, said: "Network and application visibility is essential for maintaining application performance, and directly impacts agencies’ ability to deliver citizen services.

"Federal workers rely on applications to do their jobs effectively, which means latency and outages of more than a few minutes are simply unacceptable. And as agencies increasingly use cloud applications, having end-to-end application and network visibility is more critical now than ever."

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