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Riverbed Warns Of Poor Website Backlash

New research from Riverbed Technology warns that e-commerce businesses with slow websites risk sabotaging their chances of a healthy trading period this Christmas.

The WAN optimisation specialist polled European consumers to gauge their views regarding online shopping and the findings may make sobering reading for any CIO worried that their company’s web presence is entering the busiest shopping period of the year underpowered.

For instance, 46 per cent of shoppers will abandon a purchase if the site loads too slowly – which is even defined as anything over than 10 seconds, it seems.

At the same time, 70 per cent of shoppers worry that a slow transaction could mean an unsafe one and 61 per cent say a crash during such a purchase would put them off that brand in future.

“Consumers are demanding more from their online shopping experience,” warns the marketing director of the Stingray business unit at the vendor, Kavitha Mariappan. (Stingray is a Riverbed appliance that can help improve website performance.) He adds, that with such rising expectations, brands must therefore look to “align their online stores and service offerings” .

The study – ‘Online Shopper Rage’ – recommends heading such issues off as early as possible and is available here.

For more information about Riverbed Technology, please click here.

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