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Riverbed Whitewater Offers New Cloud Functionality

When it comes to the cloud, back up and archiving have never been that easy but that’s all set to change, claims Riverbed. In a recent blog post, technologists at the WAN optimisation specialist say that the latest version of the Riverbed Whitewater cloud appliance is opening up a new chapter when it comes to backing up and archiving workloads easily and efficiently.

The reason: the product, 3.1, comes complete with a new archiving mode that allows Whitewater devices to effectively serve as a direct route to cloud for both these forms of data sets.

Explaining the advance to readers of the firm’s closely-followed blog, cloud storage marketing director Jerome Noll notes that as a result data centre managers can now optimise processing whilst remaining compliant with regulations that say such data can’t be altered when put into cold storage.

“The ability to recover data quickly has always been a key feature of Whitewater,” he points out.

Up until now, that’s been via replication to a second appliance at another site, by use of a free (read-only) downloadable virtual appliance. But with this added functionality, that's now also extended – via the Whitewater Amazon Machine Image widget, available on the Amazon cloud – to the Amazon cloud, too.

For more information about Riverbed, please click here and to read the blog in full, please click here.

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