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Riverbed’s $11BN Market Opportunity

To cap four years of integration effort, Riverbed Technology is poised to make a splash in a market ten times the size of the one it operates in now.

“We made the investment. We did the work. We have the products. Now, it’s time to capitalise,” the company’s CEO, chair and co-founder, Jerry Kennelly, told analysts this week.

Kennelly is referring to the investment his Riverbed’s made in moving from being a single-product company to a platform company, via both organic growth but also the acquisition of key defined technologies.

Through these investments the company has evolved from a WAN optimisation specialist to now offer solutions in branch converged infrastructure, application delivery control and performance management, too. When combined, these create the industry’s most complete application performance platform, which Kennelly says can be best understood as ‘Location-Independent Computing’.

Location-Independent Computing enables organisations to remove the barriers of distance by maintaining optimum performance of IT systems, thereby improving productivity and increasing collaboration. This is going to be the way Riverbed creates business for itself and its partners and the firm believes this market adds up to an $11 billion opportunity – a space growing at a combined annual growth rate of five per cent.

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