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School Saves Nearly £13,000 With ProLabs Network Upgrade

Oakgrove Secondary School in Milton Keynes has saved almost £13,000 after deploying 14 ProLabs 10Gb optical transceivers following the installation of new OM3 fibre cables, one core switch and seven edge switches to boost the school's network to 10Gb.

Oakgrove School's facility provides more than 1,200 students with state of the art IT facilities, including a recording studio, interactive whiteboards and digital signage. With plans to expand, Oakgrove ICT network manager Paru Thanki decided the facility requires a more capable network to scale with demands on a limited budget.

Following the OM3 fibre cable installation, Paru required 14 10Gb optical transceivers to connect the core switch to the edge switches. However, the cost of OEM-branded transceivers would have exceeded the school's fixed budget, so Paru turned to ProLabs.

By choosing ProLabs compatible optical transceivers for use with brand new HP ProCurve switches, Oakgrove was able to save £12,717 and stay within the school's approved budget while achieving the same results provided by HP-branded transceivers.

"Even if I had the budget to buy the OEM branded transceivers, in hindsight I would have wasted money when ProLabs' products did exactly the same job," Paru commented.

Oakgrove has since returned to ProLabs to purchase seven 1Gb optical transceiver modules to connect the core switch to all seven edge POE switches for a site-wide wireless project. Additionally, Paru has revealed plans to use appropriate ProLabs products for data transmissions between the secondary school and a new Oakgrove primary school due to open in September 2016.

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