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Senko Calls On Riverbed To Support Global Growth Plans

Riverbed Technology has announced that Senko Co. is now using its Riverbed Application Performance solutions.

Senko, a leading provider of logistics and supply chain management (SCM) solutions, has called upon Riverbed's tools to improve its Groupware implementation, which is a key component of enterprise-wide, information-sharing and collaboration for the company.

The Japanese company has deployed a number of solutions from Riverbed, the leader in application performance infrastructure. Senko has installed: Riverbed SteelHead; SteelHead Mobile; and a virtualised version of Riverbed SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead, a management and reporting solution for enterprises with SteelHeads deployed in multiple locations – including mobile devices.

With around 400 Japanese and 33 global business sites, Senko needed to ensure its IT systems were performing at their best at all times. Using these different elements of the Riverbed Application Performance platform, Senko has reduced wide-area network (WAN) traffic by 88 per cent. This in turn removed the need to buy or lease more costly bandwidth while also accelerating application response times by as much as 38 times.

Shigeyuki Tanaka, general manager of the production management division at Senko, explained: “To expand globally a company needs top-notch network connectivity. Installing Riverbed technology added to our global development momentum, one of the pillars of our management plan.

“When Senko establishes new global locations, we must be ready to respond to customers and provide them with the highest value. This means our systems and IT infrastructure must run perfectly. Riverbed is key to making that happen.”

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