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snom Extends 7xx IP Phone Series Capability

Leading developer of IP desktop business phones snom technology has extended the capability of its 7xx series IP phones with the help of the D7 Expansion Module.

The module is designed for executive assistants, as well as call centres and other call-intensive environments that are responsible for managing and monitoring large call volumes on a daily basis.

Used to greatly enhance the snom 7xx series, the module features 18 multi-coloured LED keys that can be programmed with every available function including call waiting, forwarding, park and blocking, speed dial, intercom and extension monitoring, as well as much more.

The D7 is powered by the host phone via USB cable and users can start assigning functions to the keys as soon as it is plugged in. It is also possible for users to attach three modules together to increase the total number of functions to 54.

The modules' high resolution display also provides the perfect visual interface for users, who can easily configure and label the device via the host phone's interface or directly into the phone itself.

According to Tommy Lee, snom technology's director of partner alliance, the simple device is capable of delivering major functions that can have a huge impact on productivity and efficiency. He continued: “It’s an absolute necessity for those managing a large number of calls and need to avoid bottlenecks.”

The D7 is now ready for use with snom's UC edition Lync qualified phones, as well as SIP-based phone.

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