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Stingray Traffic Manager Just One Click Away On AWS

Though simplicity and cost are often given as the prime benefits of cloud, just as important is speed of access.

After all, as experts at WAN optimisation specialist and application performance infrastructure leader Riverbed point out, cloud means the weeks for new hardware to get delivered – which then needs to be racked, configured, tested and integrated – should be a thing of the past.

That’s great news for network managers struggling with application delivery and performance issues.

Why? Because, as the firm’s cloud and partner marketing manager in the Stingray Business Unit, Nick Vale, says in a recent blog, now that the Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager has been put into the Amazon Web Services cloud its extremely helpful functionality can be deployed into your environment with just a single click.

Specifically, if you are a customer of the Riverbed Amazon Machine Image solution you can deploy Stingray’s application delivery controller capability quickly, and with little additional configuration.

That means, he confirms, users can deploy infrastructure quicker and be ready to undertake development, testing or production projects faster and more cheaply.

For more information about Riverbed Technology, please click here and to view the blog post in full please click here.

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