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Upstate University Health System Opts For Riverbed SteelApp

Riverbed Technology has announced that the Upstate University Health System is using their SteelApp solution.

The leader in application performance infrastructure confirmed that the Traffic Manager virtual application controller was being used by the Upstate University Health System, affiliated with the State University of New York, to help maintain availability for the Epic Systems electronic health record.

SteelApp has been key in delivering uptime for the emergency medical records used by the 10,000 hospital staff and students using the Epic applications, with users receiving 100 per cent full service during its first year of deployment.

Chris Loughlin, Epic Client Systems Manager at Upstate University Health System commented: “Epic is, by far, the health system’s most widely used application, with between 2,700 and 3,500 concurrent users depending on the time of day.

“Epic requires some form of load balancing – to handle the load as more people come online – to be able to apply updates without affecting users and to balance the traffic among Epic’s front-end and auxiliary applications.”

The decision to use SteelApp for emergency medical records was an easy one for Loughlin, as the virtual application controller was already proving a success in the health system’s radiology department.

The benefits of the technology to Upstate University Health System have been widespread. The SteelApp Traffic Manager complies with the state’s green initiatives, allows for troubleshooting any problems that arise, and requires minimal maintenance.

“SteelApp does what we need it to do very effectively and within our budget,” Loughlin concluded.

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