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Video Conferencing: The Four Key Drivers Of Growth

Interest in video conferencing and the deployment of video platforms in business is rising. But why?

The first driver, say commentators, is the use of high definition (HD) platforms, which provides superior picture quality and gives enhanced user experience as opposed to the blurry, grainy and fuzzy picture quality of older systems. In addition, desktop HD video support is now provided by many video conferencing vendors, while desktop video deployment is expected to rise significantly in the next few years.

HD calls are also becoming more common, as people become more accustomed to services like FaceTime and Skype to interact and communicate with each other, with users appreciating being able to see someone’s face while talking with them.

Virtual collaboration is also on the rise: given approximately 85 per cent of companies having policies in place to increase the amount of teleworkers they employ, there is the need to maintain a connection with others in the organisation.

Two other drivers are the decreasing cost and better quality of systems supplying the market, plus availability and video integration, as most communication applications are being made with video capabilities in place.

All of this is good news for LifeSize, a vendor of high definition video conferencing solutions.

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