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Video Could Be Key Finance Sector Tool

If there’s one sector that should be trying to leverage the power of video above all others, it’s the financial sector. That’s the conclusion of business video experts at video communications leader LifeSize, who have been pondering the experiences of customers in a number of fields.

What LifeSize clients in the financial sector in particular report is that video is proving its worth as a great way to adjust to rapid change (That’s even beyond the normal benefits of HD video, like cutting down on unnecessary travel and boosting internal efficiency).

For example, finance specialists love the way they can communicate and present to colleagues, clients and partners from almost anywhere on the globe.

Video is also an excellent medium for regular (even daily) communications with the marketplace, as it supports so well the easy sharing of data and provides a far more visual medium than a daily email newsletter, for example.

Video’s also praised by players in this market for its ability to engage customers and clients virtually, as well as make business reviews a lot less hassle to conduct. Finally, money specialists working in a highly regulated market applaud the medium’s ability to stream, record and archive key meetings for future playback.

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