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Video’s Shift From Hardware To Software

Business video pioneer LifeSize says its focus on the small to medium enterprise is greatly extending the potential of the technology. Thus many of the experiences the vendor learned when first rolling out such modern communication and collaboration platforms in larger organisations are being applied to help smaller ones – such as always making sure LifeSize video system functionality is as intuitive as possible, according to the company’s CEO, Colin Buechler.

“The philosophy behind everything we design at LifeSize is to deliver an integrated, connected experience that we like to call ‘Smart Video,’” Buechler recently told a leading industry website on networking issue trends.

By coupling infrastructure and endpoint into a seamless, intuitive user interface, he went on, the complexity of the technology simply disappears – so “making a video call is as easy as using your smartphone.” A case in point: his own company’s Icon Series remote control used to sport many useful features but required a fair amount of study to master; these features have now been transferred to an easier to use menu-driven screen interface in the latest iteration instead.

That means, he is convinced, “Smart Video is the only solution in the industry that delivers the highest-quality, all-inclusive video collaboration experience to anyone, anywhere.”

LifeSize is a market leader in high definition video conferencing solutions.

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