ProLabs Velocity
ProLabs Velocity
Introducing Velocity from ProLabs,
A brand new rewards programme for you!
Register your company to take part then you will gain access to an online portal where you can log your ProLabs sales and opportunities. With hundreds of rewards available online from technology to food and drinks and experience days, there’s something for everyone.


How you can earn points!

1. Sign up to the programme and automatically get awarded
    with 500 points

2. Generate opportunities and log them on the portal. Earn rewards for
     every deal you log – whether they close or not!


Simply create lead opportunities, reveal the name of end-user and deal opportunity details (size, value, close date etc) via the online form. When this opportunity is verified by your local ProLabs representative you will be allocated points based on the size of the deal and products within it. The deal does not have to close for you to earn points, but you will earn more points for converting a sale.


Opportunity to earn up to 2500 points!

Incentive 2 – Lead generation claims*
Sector Reward Value
Public Sector 2,500 Points
Telecomms 2,000 Points
Financial 1,500 Points
Education 1,500 Points
Healthcare 500 Points
Other 100 Points

*25% of the reward value will be awarded on submission of the lead. The remaining will be awarded when the lead is converted to a sale.

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  • Experienced, knowledgeable account managers
  • Technical expertise around the ProLabs product range
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