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Brocade SteelApp through the Zycko Portal

Zycko is pleased to introduce the Zycko portal, a central point for channel partners to manage their account information such as quote and order history, order tracking, mangement of support contracts and renewals, and also management of Zycko cloud solutions.

Channel Benefits

  • Flexible finance solutions such as invoicing in multiple currencies over extended terms combined with easy to use reporting and billing facilities
  • Access to training, support, lifecycle management, network monitoring, plus other managed and professional services

Cloud Services Available

Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager:
A full-featured virtual Layer 7 ADC that optimises end user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritising and routing application traffic in addition to balancing enterprise websites and cloud services.

Brocade SteelApp Web App Firewall:
This dynamic sentry secures public, private, and hybrid web applications at the application layer protecting them against known and unknown threats. It is easily deployed as an optional component of Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager Software.

Brocade SteelApp Web Accelerator:
Sophisticated WCO techniques automatically speed up public websites, intranets, cloud apps, and Microsoft SharePoint deployments resulting in faster web applications, happier users, and liberated developers.

Cloud Services Coming Soon

  • Video conferencing
  • Data storage management
  • Security

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